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Made by JJerem and ported by turtlegodking

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This is a port JJerem's Strongholds - Dushnikh Yal of mod

Permissions and credits
This is a port JJerem's Strongholds - Dushnikh Yal of mod.

If there are any bugs let me know

Credits to JJerem making the original mod.

Yes the other two mods are comming just let me finish them

If you want to help support me to make more patches and ports you can find my Patreon here

Ripped from the original discripion:

No Story time with this description, keeping it short and sweet enjoy :)

My goal with these mods is to give the Orc Strongholds a much needed makeover, to make them look and feel more like a fortified Stronghold and less of a generic camp, and give each Stronghold it's own visual personality.

Dushnikh Yal is the Third entry in my overhauls, my aim is to focus on immersion and adding elements to bring the strongholds up to date while still keeping them lore friendly.

I feel the vanilla Orc Strongholds are quite lackluster and underwhelming, there is not much difference between the Orc Strongholds and the average Bandit camp, like Halted Steam Camp, Robber's Gorge etc.
When exploring Skyrim it's difficult to distinguish between Bandit Camps and Orc Strongholds, so hopefully this mod injects more personality into the different locations, and makes it easier to distinguish the two.

What does this mod do?

- Makes the Stronghold more fortified with walls towers etc for added immersion.
- Changes some areas behind the walls like the mine and adds a shrine area with stone stairs.
- Edits Navmesh
- moved some markers

What this mod doesn't do

- Adds NPCs (i decided not to add any in this one, i may add some as an optional file one day in the distant future, however truthfully i can't be bothered with NPCS
- this mod does not edit any interior cells
- this mod does not add quests

i have tried to make this mod have less conflicts with other ones etc i'v tested it in my load order and haven't found many issues yet, use the bugs tab to report any pls :)

- anything that edits the exterior stronghold will have possible conflicts
- grass mods, i use folkvangr and there will be grass clipping with some grass mods
- blubbos reach trees will need a patch probably


Dyndolold users will probably have to re run the dyndolod process after installing this mod.