Morrowind's 20th Anniversary - Modathon, Prizes, Memories!

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Morrowind is turning 20 today! To celebrate this anniversary, our good friend darkelfguy is running a special edition of his yearly Morrowind May Modathon and we're also giving away fabulous prizes in our Morrowind quiz!

Did you know that our site started out as a fansite for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind? That's right, and that was back in 2001 when the site launched under the name "Morrowind Chronicles" in anticipation of and leading up to the game's release exactly 20 years ago - 1 May 2002.

Ever since, Morrowind modding has been a staple of our site and the community for this classic RPG is going strong to this very day. It's because of this fact that we're today celebrating the 20th anniversary of TES III: Morrowind. As part of the celebrations, we've come up with a short quiz which is suitable for everybody regardless of whether you've played Morrowind or not - as long as you know a thing or two about Elder Scrolls lore!

The Prizes

  • 1x Game of your choice (Steam/GOG/Origin)
  • 1x Steam Gift Cards valued at £25
  • 2x Steam Gift Cards valued at £10

Morrowind May Modathon

But that's not all, like every year darkelfguy is running another Morrowind May Modathon and, given the occasion, you can bet it's a special one. Please, darkelfguy, take it away:

Morrowind's 20th anniversary is finally upon us, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, today I'm once again announcing the eighth annual Morrowind May Modathon Month Modding Competition, one of the biggest annual modding competitions in The Elder Scrolls modding community. Returning on May 1st, the Modathon will once again run throughout the entire month of May, and as always, participating Morrowind mods will have a chance to win a slew of prizes and unlock any of a number of new achievements as they try and become the ultimate modding champions of 2022!
The last few years have been absolutely massive for the Morrowind modding community, with over a thousand new mods released each year, including over 1200 mods released just in 2021! And about 236 of those were from last year's Modathon! But of course, for Morrowind's big 20th anniversary, we're looking to beat that record, and to that end, we once again have over 70 achievements for modders to unlock, for everything from overhauling a town, to building a cozy little house mod, to creating entire new gameplay mechanics, and much, much more! Unlock as many as you can!
In addition to achievements, this year we're also introducing optional themed weekly challenges that will run alongside the Modathon. Can you make a mod to match each theme? New achievements and prizes await for those who take up the challenges!
Participation is simple, any Morrowind mod released in May can be entered into the competition, just remember to include a tagline "Part of the May Modathon Month" (or the Modathon logo) near the top of your mod's description, or use the Modathon 2022 tag to enter your mod as part of the competition. You'll be automatically entered to potentially win one of our weekly random-drawing prizes, and of course unlock achievements!

Mod your way to fame and glory in the biggest modding event of the year, and help celebrate one of the greatest games ever made! The best games never die, so get out there, have fun, and build a ton of mods to make this great game even better than ever before!

The competition runs from May 1st (12am GMT) through to June 2nd (12pm GMT), and you can find out more about how to participate, along with a complete list of achievements, over on the official announcement thread! 

More Nostalgia!

If you're now thinking "an anniversary quiz and the modathon are great, but I want MORE Morrowind" then Danae has got you covered. Over the last few months, Danae has collected many stories from avid Morrowind players - you may call them memories - and, with the help of XeroFoxx who did the visual work, combined them into an equally impressive and nostalgic booklet.

Here's a sneak preview, but if you want to see the full thing then keep your eyes peeled on our social media where we'll be posting the link to the entire booklet once it's finished.

UPDATE: The site hosting the full booklet is now live and can be viewed here.

Moreover, Danae has been putting in an incredible amount of work into both a mod author interview series, as well as a podcast on YouTube - talking to various mod authors about their experience with Morrowind.

A huge thank you goes out to you both, Danae and darkelfguy, for showing and sharing your love for Morrowind to this day. It's not only the game that really put our site on the map, but we're also proud that even in 2022 the Morrowind modding community is still going so strong.

Thank you to all the mod authors and everyone who is still wandering Vvardenfell, in other words, playing and modding Morrowind even two whole decades after its initial release!


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  1. Danae123
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    And the book "20 Years of Memories" is here!
    It's a free download, go nuts :)
    1. Pickysaurus
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      Thanks for compiling that! It's awesome :) 
    2. BigBizkit
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      Cheers, I added the link as an update to the news post
    3. BlackBlastUAD
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      l i t 
  2. GabrielSouzac
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  3. BlackBlastUAD
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    When will the winners be announced???????????????????
    1. IcyVenomGaming
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      The competition runs from May 1st (12am GMT) through to June 2nd (12pm GMT)

      After June 2nd I think that's when the winners will be notified and announced
    2. BlackBlastUAD
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      Ah thx
    3. magerrer
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      awww, I missed out on the quiz, what were the questions? :D
    4. darkelfguy
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      Because the winners of the Modathon are determined by endorsements, the winners will be announced on July 1st, so as to give any mods released towards the end of the competition enough time to get on Hot Files and/or gain some publicity (we'll be making showcase videos for as many mods as we can between now and July 1st to help even the playing field a bit). Otherwise mods released in the first two weeks of the Modathon would have a bit of an unfair advantage, compared to those released in the last week.
    5. BlackBlastUAD
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      bruh r u JOKIN?
    6. BlackBlastUAD
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      Uh, WHEN are the winners gonna be announced?
  4. tescan
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    I came later to the party regarding the morrowind community. made an account on this site when it was then called tessource. Unfortunately i can't access that account anymore, as it was tied to an emailadress which is not in use anymore. And the staff won't give my account back, despite i clarified my situation. This is the case since the whole site got changed. My old name was candesco. 
    Anyway, i actually first started with oblivion, then switched to morrowind. My first steps in morrowind wasn't very succesfull. Died over at Seyda Neen to some slaughterfish swimming there. Later on i started to use mods. For that i used tessource, planet elder scrolls, elricM and some others. And i was also on the official forum of bethesda. It started little first, then it only started to grow and grow. Better bodies, clothiers of vvardenfell,. slof's better beasts, westly's shrine of azura, unofficial morrowind patch from thepal, to name a few. Sometimes i still play morrowind. Then i install it, use a backup of the mods i use and put that back and then just go again. Morrowind is one of those games to which i always go back. 
  5. Argonian37
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    I really think that in some years, or decades, Morrowind will be appreciated as one of the masterpieces of this century. A truly triumph of world and gaming design, a world that lives beyond your presence as a character. Morrowind is an experience. Doesn't matter if it's your favorite of the series or not, after playing it, it will be tattooed in your memory.
    I started playing it in 2002 when it was released. I remember that it was really fun to climb over the Vivec buildings, kill the ordinators with a stolen Daedric Bow from above, pay the fine and sell the armors and weapons stolen afterwards. It requires a brilliant mind to create an environment that you can freely create the practices that you can do inside it with no limits, and Morrowind reached that brilliance in a way that no other game ever had done.
    Fastforward to 2020. Covid 19 Pandemic, Quarantine. I stopped traveling, one of the passions of my life. After 16 years, I returned to Morrowind, and it really felt like traveling, it was the unique experience that calm my travel hunger. Because Morrowind is that, the experience of traveling to a different place, a different background. The feeling that you are living an adventure.  

    Not a game. An experience.

    Happy 20th birthday to this amazing creature

    Anyway, kudos and thanks to Danae, Xerofoxx, Darkelfguy, Rubberman,  etc., etc.  and all the modding community that do a fantastic job to keep this game more alive than ever. 
  6. deleted132605543
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    wow super
  7. harimau93
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    HEck yeah love =Morrowind, Morrowind for live hopefully!!
  8. DeathArsenal
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    I love this game so much, and although I've only been in the community for about 5 years: I still have a good connection with this masterpiece of a game. Here's to twenty more years!
  9. SkandarGraun
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    After the book I just started a new game. Just for fun. :D Anyway this is my favorite game above of all parts.  :D 
  10. DaveClaw
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    It was so amazing visually for its time, like when I got a new video card for Quake 2 and got to see the colored lighting (woo!)

    I remember using a levitation spell to float across the canal in Balmora and it felt like I was there, VR without the goggles.  Just wandering around and seeing all the areas and at different times of day was as fun as actually playing the game.
  11. Vegetto88
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    and still the best Elder Scroll.
    1. rpgfreak9999
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    2. LordNihlius2
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      too true