Jurassic World Evolution 2
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SBS Improves the combat and behaviour of the ingame sauropods

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-Most sauropods have new hatchery music

-Medium-Big sauropods no longer are afraid of any carnivores

-Medium-Big sauropods will now charge theropods they dislike

-All sauropods have higher attack and defense stats

-Most sauropods have higher habitat needs alongside higher max social

-All sauropods can now tolerate being in a social group of 1

-All sauropods now have higher security ratng and prestige, making them high risk high reward in normal parks (for example brachio has a security rating of 10 and it can break all fences in just 1 hit, but in exchange it gives 4200 prestige)

-All sauropods can now regain stamina by simply standing

-All sauropods have new stamina drain values (for example, Dread can run for a small distance but amargasaurus can run for a very long one)