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Why Kabu's Frost and Fire Salts have been removed:

As per Kabunouveau's request both of the ports have been removed.
They stated they would port them themself so they will all be on their own profile so look forward to it.





Good luck with what you do next Pikamee

Good luck with what you do next Yubi



Note 1:

I will most likely not be posting for a little bit as I want to remod SE as it has been a few years since I did it.

And don't start the "Turtle is leaving LE" kind of stuff becasue I will be back.


Note 2:

I am going to step back from getting weapon and armour permssions unless I have already made them for myself or have permssions so that the newer backporters can have stuff to do.

(I will still be making DSR patches for them so hit me up for them if you are making a backport)


Becasue of this I will be working on cities, locations, landscapes, textures/meshs and my own projects mainly instead.


I will be adding all of the requests you all sent to the server request channel so the other porters can see if I have not already made them.



Permssion related stuff:


I would like to ask that the ports and my mods/patchs do not end up in collections this is not just becasue of some mod authors I port from don't want them in there but also because i don't want them in there.
Sorry if this annoys you but this is my stance on it and I don't think it will change.

You are alowed to make patchs for mods (Compatibility Patchs, Fixs, Translations, Body Refits, Retextures and so on) if the mods permissions say it's ok or you have permission from the original mod author.
Please ask me before porting any of my edits or fixes of mods to SE so I know that what is happing with them

(I will most likely say yes)


Do note that any mod author I port for can make me take down ports of their mods if they ask so things may disappear.

They may also be hidden if drama appears with the authors until the issue in question is solved.

(This most likely will not happen but I am letting you all know in case anything happens)


Any ports that I have uploaded that have DPs on them the original mod authors are getting 65% by default unless they ask for more or less. If you are the original owner of the mod and do not like this please PM me as soon as you are able to so we can fix this so this doesn't become a big issue.

Edits, fixes and patches may not be split like this though if I was the one that made them. (Standalone pages)

Permssions of my own mods (Not the ports)

The DeLoreans Backporting team (Not the Discord server) has permssion to use any of my own mods/patches 

The Project Dragonbreak team as permssion to use my own mods/patches for their projects

The Skypocalypse team has permssion to upscale my own mods and port them to Xbox


Request related stuff:


If you have a mod you want me to patch or port feel free to PM me through the site so I am more likely to see it.

About requests:

  • Please don't ask me to port SKSE mods or mods that have requirements that are only on SE
  • If the mod has a requirment that has a LE version I might be able to relink it to the LE version (USSEP can be done as USLEEP works as a replacement if relinked)
  • Don't ask me to port somthing that the mod author has clearly stated that the mod will never be alowed to be ported
  • Please don't ask me to make patchs that are not the type that is one my Nexus as I most likely can not make them.
  • I will attempt to port translations only if people are willing to test them (It will be the same as my normal ports but I can not test them)
  • Do not ask about any mods that are political as you will not be responded to as I will not doing them.
  • I will not work on any Open Cities style mod as I hate the issues that come with them
  • I only do mods on Nexus do not ask for mods outside of it. (I can help you port and patch them)
  • I can make Level list, Crafting recipes, DSR patches, CTD Fixs (Bad meshes), AA Patches, general .ESP fixes/clean ups and Standalones.


Mod authors if you don't want to port, patch or add Level List your yourself let me know and I will try do it for you.
If you are the mod author and want the port moved to your profile instead mine please let me know.


Guides and Misc stuff:


For those who what to make there own DSR patchs please click this (Please make them for your mods) link.


Here is the link to the backporting guide that I use made by Allonsywisegirl: Link

Join the Discord if you need help with it or other modding help as the server is here to help.


For anyone who wants Gom or Daem as a racemenu preset I do not intend on relesing them as one so do not expect to get them as one as I consider them as my brand characters in a way so I want to be the only one with them.

Most of there port/patchs are mergeable, if you are having a issue with the mods/patches after a merge that is not in the original non-merged version it is up to you to fix it not me as I did not make your merge.
I will add a little thing in the mods description for if I think it is or not.

One more thing, if any of the ports are found to have content that the original authors put in that is breaking copywrite or TOS and I do not notice in porting do note this would never be intentional as I would of been just porting the mods as asked.

If there is content like this in any mod I port I ask the Nexus moderators to remove them and let me know.

(This was put here as I am porting for a author that is now banned and do not want to get in trouble with Nexus if they have anything in them as one of their mods I ported was flagged before)



For anyone that wanted a list of ports I have that are 100% finished that are not uploaded here is a list
Incudes the names of my projects



I hope you enjoy the ports and patchs!

Concernbami is always
Community Stuff


I am one of the members of the new The DeLoreans modding team.


We will try to help keep LE strong for years to come!


We are willing to maintain LE versions of mods if mod authors do not wish to maintain them anymore just PM me or one of the other three members so we can know, or if you are in the Discord you can let us know there. 


The other members incude:




WispMint (Formally known as TheCinderfly) Good luck with what you are doing now my friend I hope to see you again




We may let other people into the team if everyone agrees



We have a Discord server for keeping track of future ports, patchs, requests, porting help, and talking to you all. If you want​ to join​ click here.
I have a Patreon if you want to surpport me there, It helps a lot as I just got news that I will not be receiving my monthly payments anymore.

Also helps me replace my dying Hard Drive

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