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Allows you to add custom .wav music that you or your settlers will randomly play when they use an instrument from HcGxGrill's "Fallout Instrument Pack" mod.

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Fallout Instrument Pack is a neat mod that lets you add different musical instruments to your settlements.  You can either play them yourself, command a follower to play them, or assign settlers to play them for musical immersion and additional "happiness" score.

However the drawback is that each instrument has only one rather bland and repetitive track.

With my addon pack installed, you can now easily add your own custom tracks by simply dragging and dropping your .wav files into the appropriate instrument folders, and renaming them from "1.wav" to "20.wav".   The folder structure is very intuitive. 

The only "work" you have to do is making sure your audio file is in .wav format, and (probably) make sure it's the right bitrate (48 kbps).  Otherwise you might run into issues.  (Also, using overly long tracks might cause problems... I can't be sure.  I would suggest three minutes or less.)

For easy and intuitive file conversion, I would suggest MultiXwm by Raxdiam.  There you can simply convert your .mp3 files (or .wav files if you're unsure about bitrate) to .xwm format, then convert them again to .wav format with the correct bitrate just to be sure.  It's a pretty foolproof method, since this tool was designed with the CK in mind.

That being said, for lazy people (I totally feel you bro!), this mod is plug-and-play ready and will add more variety by default for each instrument.  5 banjo songs, 5 acoustic songs, five piano tracks and three drum tracks are already packed in as demos.  In each folder, you can add up to 20 custom tracks of your own to replace them all.  (By default, I have copy/pasted the unique tracks several times so that blank audio will never play.)

One small quirk, a known issue:  If an NPC (settler) sits down and keeps playing long enough, the same track will keep repeating on loop, so the same song will play over and over again.  It's an engine limitation, and I don't know how to randomize this....  However every time they get up and sit down again, they should play a random track.  (This includes the PC and followers.)  But at the very least you'll have some variety when you visit your settlements.

The tracks are the IP of their respective artists, and you can click HERE to view the article with links to each track.  No copyright infringement is intended, and I encourage you to go check these talented people out!  Glenn Jones especially is an amazing guitar player.

The point of including the tracks is for demo purposes only so you can have something to listen to (instead of blank tracks) if you don't use your custom tracks right away.

And of course credit goes to hcgxgrill, the original mod author, for a very cool mod to begin with!

My addon pack isn't opted in for donations, I just thought it was a cool idea I could share.

Thanks for any kind words, have fun :)