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I got tired of renting a room for myself and then watching my followers stand around all night, so I added a shared sleeping space to every inn in Skyrim.

Now your followers can finally get some rest, too. :D

Permissions and credits
Did you know there are nineteen inns in Skyrim? I didn't, but now I do, because I made a room for rent in every single one of them. :'D

  • Some of the rooms are super swanky, and some are basically just glorified storage areas.
  • Each room sleeps between three to seven followers.
  • Inn overhauls should be pretty easy to patch, as all I added to each of the inns was one trapdoor leading to a basement room.
  • Most of the rooms come with a bath and/or washbasin, and all the rooms have a cooking pot.
  • You can set the cost for each room in the MCM, and that cost will be reflected in dialogue with the innkeeper.
  • The bathtubs come with autostrip toggled on by default for NPCs; you can toggle that on/off in the MCM.
  • Everything's made with vanilla resources and all the dialogue is voiced.
  • If the main innkeeper dies, a replacement innkeeper will take over for them.
  • All the screenshots are vanilla Skyrim.
  • I tried to make each of the rooms reflect the city/town/hold they're located in.
  • The shared room rental system is separate from the vanilla inn system, so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues.


for SkyUI.
MrowrPurr for her series on making an MCM.
DarkFox127 for all his many tutorials on the CK.
Alex9ndre for including their source scripts on Vigor, cause that's how I figured out how to store the room costs as global variables.
Greentea101 for Unfuzer CPP Edition and Voice File Reference Tool 2.
Everyone who cheered me on while I was working on this. ♥


Permissions are open and it should be pretty straight-forward to make patches.
I didn't edit any vanilla records, and I just added one trapdoor to each inn.

I already made patches for JK's inn overhauls; they're in the optional files.
JK's Drunken Huntsman is compatible without a patch.

Replacement Innkeepers 


Known Issues

If your follower doesn't use the stairs to get out of the tub (if you use a summoning spell, or move them with the console, etc), they won't put their clothes back on. Just direct them to walk onto the pool stairs and they'll get dressed again. There's an invisible trigger box on the stairs that they'll need to walk into. 

I've also tried very hard to navmesh/layout everything to stop followers from teleporting out of the tubs, but ocasionally if the area gets too crowded with NPCs, someone still might teleport out and bypass the stairs. As above, just direct them to walk onto the stairs and they'll hit that invisible re-dress trigger box.

I also don't know how well the autostrip function will play with every follower framework's clothing system. I tested it with vanilla followers, with Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks, and with Inigo. Everything worked fine in those cases, so hopefully it'll work well with most other frameworks and followers.

With Kaidan, the autostrip function removes his scars/custom body texture, if you're using just the regular file for him. I'm using High Poly Kaidan instead, and he keeps his scars/custom body when he gets in the tub, but I'm not sure how well other appearance/body overhauls for him will work.